Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When Jealousy Creeps In..

Love is in the air. Anyone and almost everyone seems to be falling for someone or the other. Now before you get the wrong idea, let me clarify – No! I am not in love. Yes, I put up mushy lovey dovey status messages now and then and confusing blog posts which intrigue the readers even more. Guess it’s just the age I am in where everything I do gets automatically misinterpreted as to being in love.

So like I was telling (and before I go off topic again), love is definitely in the air. Everywhere I go I see young couples hanging around – at restaurants, at shopping malls, at theatres – with a glow on their faces and a spring in their steps. I admire them for a second or two, go awwww within self and then all of a sudden jealousy hits. I mean how dare they fall in love, when yours truly hasn’t found a partner for herself as of yet? I give them some unnoticed glares and leave it at that.

It was during one of these lovey dovey days that I decided to go shop. I landed at a counter inside the shop which was showcasing some very nice collection of earrings. The only hindrance for me - a young and good looking couple. Hmmm, actually only the girl was good looking, the guy was just ohhh-kay. So there they were (mostly him), blocking the already small counter and I wasn’t able to admire properly or check out a pearly set which I had set my eyes on.

The boy looked more obsessed, besotted, ‘in love’ with the girl than vice versa.

*Girl tries on a pair of earrings*

BF : Ohhhhhh! You look SO fab! LOVELY!

GF (admiring herself on the mirror) : Yeah, no? Even I think so too. Looks awesome on me!!!
*Girl tries on another pair*

BF (eyes all dazed) : Wooowwww! Just look at you! So pretty.

GF (still admiring herself on the mirror) : Yeah no?!! Wow!! Just wow!
This complimenting from both sides (boy to girl, and girl to herself) went on for a good 5 minutes. I was there behind them admiring the scene, observing, taking it all in. Then.. yes… I hate to admit it… jealousy crept in. I decided enough was enough. I tapped the guy on his shoulders and asked in an irritated tone–

So did you find anything good for yourself?”

The sales lady figured out what was going on and ushered the guy away much to his embarrassment. Though the funny part is that the girl hardly noticed he was gone and she went on admiring herself in the mirror.

Oh well. It’s fun to be jealous sometimes! ;)



  2. kyun dusro ko pareshan karte rehta hai?? pagal hai tu.. chahiye toh tu bhi ek gf dhoof le.. and stop embarrassing people.. :P

  3. Nice nice.. loved it.. Jealousy! haha... who is not..jealous.. I am I admit.. nice post.. interesting.. keep it up!

  4. @Pooja Hehe.. Isme Pareshan Karne Wali Kya Baat Hai.. WO Mere Samne Baat Karte Hain, Toh Usko Me Bayan Kar Deta Hun.. After Al, Unki Popularity Toh Badh Jayegi na..!! '_^

    GF Jab Dhundna Hoga Ddhund Lunga.. Btw Wo Mujhe Dhundegi, Naki Me Usse !! :P

  5. @Diablo Haan.. Thanx.. kabhi Kabar Jealous Ban Na Padta Hai.. x)

  6. Hewww.. Very Good to Know Ki U Get Jealous Upon Seeing Cute Couples =)
    Don't worry Abhi.. You'll Also get paired to Somebody and then U'll also look Cute with that Girl !!