About Me !!

Abhisek. . . Will Shake You Up !! :D Just Kidding.

Well if seen I dont know much about myself, Better People Judge me Out !! I dont giggle Much About me,I Just believe in what I'm..
I'm a Complete Emotional Fool and Become Senti at very serious matter but its not like Always :P

Waise I'm Known Good For My Flirtoscious Nature.. Aur Me karoon Bhi toh kya, Agar Ladkiyan Mujhe Line Deti Hai toh Isme Mera Kya Kasoor ??
Main toh Masoom Sa Ladka Hoon =)

One Thing I hate the Most about People is Showing *Attitude* :x
I'm a Insomaniac ( Late Night Wakers ) and a Party Animal. Though I Dont Like much Doing Parties, still Also I love to be that kinda Animal.
Crazy About Gadgets, Accessories Moreover About Technology. I dont hate studies but I Only Study if there is an exam and that too a day before !!

Completely Addicted To : Twitter & Music. They just refresh me up When I get Highly Boredome ;)

Love to me Means Less Words and More Understanding !! Buh I dont like falling in Love as Once U Fell down It's Very Painful to Get Up.
Anyways,I'm Also a Crazy Sucker Of Junk Food.. Yummm, I Just Love It a Lot :P Love travelling a Lot may it be with friends or with family or Alone !

Bright Nights are My favo. The Pitch Dark Sky, a Bright Moon, Sparkling Stars, Mild Breezes, Dancing Leaves Of Tree.. Everything is Simple Awesome.
When it Rains and after that the smell which comes from the Surface of Earth is Just Divine.. I Like adventure a Lot, that doesnt matter if I Haven't done any till now :D

Mostly I Like a Slow Walk on an Empty Road !! It replenishs you From the Day's Hectic Schedule. In context to that I ALso Like a Silent Night on The Terrace !
In school Days I Used to be a Hardcore Bunker. That were the most Special Days of my Life which will never come in Future and I Miss 'Em a Lot :'(
And Also I Used to Hate the Boring Long English Classes.. Uffff, Teacher Used to do "Kachar Kachar", Par Usse Hume Kya.. Humko to neend se Matlab tha, Jo Hum Lete The.

I want To be the Best Thing in the World !
But you have to admit to the Manor Born, I Have Charisma, Talent, Tremendous Screen presence and of course Striking Looks Handed Down to Me as an Inheritance By the Envious Lineage I Come From.
Beneath that seemingly Soft exterior lies a Steely sense of determination, An acute sense of Focus, Head sitting firmly on strong shoulders and a refreshingly Attitude!

I dont believe in the best thing,
I believe i Wannabe the best Thing in the world and not next to anybody else..

Thw Words Have a ring of conviction that makes me believe I'll Really Be The Best Thing ! :)